Sunday, 20 December 2015

Instagram Hints and Tips for Beginners

I Love Instagram, it is so Visual and can be very Inspiring. I am no expert but I would like to share some of the things I have learned. I hope it helps.

One of my Favourite photos so far of three of my wee bowls.

Photos are obviously really important. Take lots, edit them, use filters to make them bright and sharp. You can try them out on Instagram before you publish them. Use natural light and clean backgrounds. Wooden or white seem to work best. Keep an album of IG photos so you have spare ones for days when you are too busy or it is too dark. 

Keep an eye on your gallery as you add more photos. I like to take them in groups of three so they look nice. Think about your theme and colour pallette. You can always delete photos if you are not happy with them. Unless you decide to keep your account private, for friends and family only to see, then anyone can see your photos and has access to your gallery, so present it nicely as you will be judged on it and people will decide whether or not to follow you based on your photos.

Another example of photo styling, using ribbons

There are many different types and styles on IG. It is fun to find them out and decide what you like and who you want to follow. Hashtags # are vital on IG and you need to learn how to use them. I looked on Pinterest for some tips and then I also learned as I went along. If you want people to find and like your photos you must use them correctly. Take a good look at your photo and how you want to describe it. One very important piece of advise ~ Check Your Hashtags!.....even the simplest ones! Remember IG is global and words have different meanings in different countries and cultures. Also, click on the hashtag and see what photos come up. Is that really where you want your photo to appear? Is that the impression you want to convey? Think about a simple word like 'blue' mmm...... 

Finding people to follow ~ click on the search tab and scroll through the photos looking for ones you like. Once you have found people to follow, look at their photos, what is it you like about them? Also, look at the hashtags they use, click on them and decide if they are for you. Finding Famous People or Brands ~ again be careful here, I learned the hard way! I had a photo which had some pencils in so I put a hashtag with the designer's name, but when I checked on Google I was taken to a website where a woman of the same name was talking about sex toys!!!..... What I do now is find the person or brand via Google etc so you are taken to their website then scroll down to find their IG button, that way you know you have found the correct IG account eg Paperchase is @frompaperchase on IG 

Now we come to tags ie using the @ before a person or brand name. The etiquette is not to tag someone you don't know, unless you are replying to a comment they have made on your photo, this is very important too. If you want a person or brand to see your photo go to their profile page, they normally tell you what hashtag to use so they can find your photo. Believe me it works!...I have had my photos commented on by many Famous people and brands. Best to do it the correct way so you do not upset them.

My real tree in the corner of my Conservatory.

As you start following people especially those that style their photos you will start to notice that they set up hashtags for you to join in with. This can be lots of fun and can lead to you having your photos shared, again I know this from experience! 

It can be lots of fun so do join in, be sociable and polite and don't copy other people's photos! 

Thanks so much for reading, I hope this was helpful. I may come back and add to it if I think of anything else.

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