Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 A Fresh Start and New Plans

Happy New Year, Everybody! As always I have plans to de-clutter, but this year I need to be ruthless! I made a start last month but I always end up with boxes of stuff to keep......

Cath Kidston mug

Never again do I want to go through the same old boxes with the same old stuff! I am a sentimental hoarder and it really is time to let go of my past. I Love my children but they are now 30 and 26, will I Love them any less if I get rid of their hospital wristbands or a few drawings? I myself am in my 50's but I have kept my first school satchel and my cap from Senior school!....why?.... I also have items belonging to my parents and grandparents, it won't bring them back and I will always remember them. 

I have been reading articles about de-cluttering. I think the key is to find questions to ask yourself about each item. Do I Love it? Does it bring me happiness? Will I ever use it or have it on display? 

I have actually started using some of the things I had been keeping for 'best' or special occasions. I keep saying to myself 'now is the time to enjoy them'

Cath Kidston mug 

I usually sort the things I want to get rid of into three. 1. Stuff to take to the recycle centre 2. Things to donate to charity shops 3. Items I can sell on ebay. Anything I wish to keep must either be on display or have a home without being shoved in a box and put in the loft! 

Last year I decided to give 10% of my sales from ebay to the RNLI I shall continue to do that this year, but I shall make more of an effort.

Here are the first 3 items that I have managed to photograph today. It is a positive start.

Emma Bridgewater baby mug

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you.

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