Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 A Fresh Start and New Plans

Happy New Year, Everybody! As always I have plans to de-clutter, but this year I need to be ruthless! I made a start last month but I always end up with boxes of stuff to keep......

Cath Kidston mug

Never again do I want to go through the same old boxes with the same old stuff! I am a sentimental hoarder and it really is time to let go of my past. I Love my children but they are now 30 and 26, will I Love them any less if I get rid of their hospital wristbands or a few drawings? I myself am in my 50's but I have kept my first school satchel and my cap from Senior school!....why?.... I also have items belonging to my parents and grandparents, it won't bring them back and I will always remember them. 

I have been reading articles about de-cluttering. I think the key is to find questions to ask yourself about each item. Do I Love it? Does it bring me happiness? Will I ever use it or have it on display? 

I have actually started using some of the things I had been keeping for 'best' or special occasions. I keep saying to myself 'now is the time to enjoy them'

Cath Kidston mug 

I usually sort the things I want to get rid of into three. 1. Stuff to take to the recycle centre 2. Things to donate to charity shops 3. Items I can sell on ebay. Anything I wish to keep must either be on display or have a home without being shoved in a box and put in the loft! 

Last year I decided to give 10% of my sales from ebay to the RNLI I shall continue to do that this year, but I shall make more of an effort.

Here are the first 3 items that I have managed to photograph today. It is a positive start.

Emma Bridgewater baby mug

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. You sound like me! This year is the year of the grand clear out for us too! I have even added and extra box to the bins the council gave us for recycling (bins for card and paper and other recyclable bits and pieces and the food bin and black bin) This box is for charity shop, and every Friday when we go to the Farmers Market for eggs it will be emptied and taken into town
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. What a Fab idea, Julie! I really must recycle more each time I go out shopping. I have a couple of nice baskets I could use. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year, my Friend xxx