Sunday, 13 December 2015

Creating Flat Lay Photographs

About six months ago I joined Instagram. Before that I had never heard of flat lay photographs,  although I had seen them around. The reason I Love them is that they appeal to my mathematical brain and neat & tidy nature. I try and take them in threes so there is a theme and matching of colours.

I Love this tray frame I bought by 7gypsies, the compartments are perfect for filling with small objects.  Spools of thread are ideal as they come in so many pretty shades and seem to have a universal appeal. I could not believe my luck when I came across the lilac stamps, it was like they had been printed especially for me! 

I bought the box of Pantone postcards back in the Summer, again the pretty shades are perfect for this style of photo. I really enjoy trying to match the colours. I bought the compass ages ago and was thrilled to find a use for it!....I Love when things come together unexpectedly. 

This pencil box is just gorgeous, you may have seen my jug in the same pattern. Sadly the pencils inside are white with black spots, I was very disappointed. The use of the Snowflake charms transforms this photo, from what could be a Summer photo, into a Winter shot. 

I Love to make my own Stationery and these mini albums are so simple. Just three sheets of co-ordinating card or thick paper bring them all together. The thread and buttons have been used in all four photos which helps to connect them. I found the coloured rings on ebay.

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Many thanks for reading. I am planning to write some simple tutorials in the New Year, about how to make notebooks, albums, decorate your planners etc

Hope to see you again very soon.

Best Wishes,