Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to Customise Plain Notebooks

Normally I like to make my own notebooks, but sometimes I just cannot resist buying them, especially when they are a bargain! Today I shall show you how I transformed three plain covers using items from my Stationery Cupboard! 

Whilst in Exeter last week I had to visit one of my Favourite shops - Paperchase! I was lucky enough to find some coloured pencils, paper clips, binder clips and snowflake confetti all in my favourite colours. 

Gorgeous colour co-ordinated Stationery from Paperchase - Turquoise, Purple, Grey/Silver and White. Perfect for Winter Styling.

Back home I decided to see if I could find any notebooks in TKMaxx that I could decorate. Well, I was almost spoilt for choice! I found a Grey Èccolo Soho Journal and two Purple (violet) A6 Moleskine notebooks, just Perfect. 

3 plain notebooks perfect for Customising for Winter

First I decided to do the grey one. I riffled through my boxes of ribbons and found some purple chiffon and grey hearts and kisses. Just perfect. I attached them inside the covers with some washi tape. I then made a chiffon page marker. I was thrilled with the results.

Next I did the darker purple one. I found two different turquoise ribbons, a plain satin and a stitched one, plus some self adhesive gem lettering, I knew it would come in handy one day!

Lastly was the paler lilac one. I had run out of Inspiration so I left it until the following day. I went to my cupboard where the washi tape immediately caught my eye. The snowflake confetti matched perfectly and so did the pack of gems I came across!.....perfect, once more. 

Washi tape, snowflake confetti and gems, all colour co-ordinated. 

All 3 together, perfectly matched. They make my Soul Sing! My Favourite is the Grey, which do you like best?

A little bit of Seasonal Sparkle!...

Thanks for joining me here, I hope you enjoyed this project. 

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Best Wishes,

Jacqueline xxx

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