Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Make a Notebook or Planner Cover from a Kipling CD Case

I decided to set myself a new challenge. As most of you know, I Love making my own notebooks and have recently been enjoying decorating journals and planners. However, it is always nice to find something new to do for a change. 

Whilst searching  through a cupboard, the other day, I came across an old Kipling CD case. I used it for years, taking it on long journeys and holidays, full of music to sing along to. My children knew every word of Belinda Carlisle! 

My Navy Kipling CD case, happy memories!

An idea came to me, it would make a perfect notebook cover! So, I removed the plastic pockets and put them aside to use as a template. My first problem was to cover over the lining behind the pocket openings. I bought some patent leather sheets as I thought they would be flexible, but they were too bulky and wrinkled up. I left it for a day when the solution came to me, right on my work table, washi tape. It worked perfectly!......

Striped washi tape used to hide the unsightly lining behind the pockets.

Next I had to make the notebook. I was going to make just one first of all. It was tricky getting the size right as the zip kept getting in the way. In the end I made two small notebooks to fit one on each side. They had to be a lot smaller than I had imagined, it was definitely a challenge! But I was very pleased with the outcome. I found some blue and yellow patterned paper in my craft cupboard and some matching plain blue. I used plain white paper for the pages. 

Finally I added some decorations, this is always the fun bit!

The finished project. I added paperclips, a binder clip, a magnetic campervan clip and some hand punched co-ordinating stars. Perfect! pleased I rose to my own challenge and had fun along the way.

Thanks so much for reading. Have you set yourself a challenge or new goals recently? I would love to hear about them. 

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Best wishes, Jacqueline xxx

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