Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Styling Photographs for Instagram

A good Stylist always colour co-ordinates her accoutrements, I go one step further and put them out on display. 

Today I shall let you all into a little secret!.....I am a colour matching freak!, honestly!....if you have been following me for a while then you will already know this. One such person is my friend Sharon from Riamelin Crafts. She has been with me on my creative joyrney for a long time now. In fact she even featured as a guest on my blog ages ago. She has supported and encouraged me every single day and she has Inspired me to write this blog. Many thanks, Sharon!

Penguin book mugs and a blue & white jug holding pens, pencils and scissors. Keeping them easy to find.

I started posting photos on Instagram about six months ago as a way of showing off my work to a new audience. Almost immediately my tag album was featured on Folksy as one of their favourite items. This really boosted my confidence and made me realise I had made the right decision. I was very excited, a short while later, when Emma Bridgewater asked to use not one, but two of my photos!

As I built up my followers and got chatting to more people I really started to enjoy the company of this new community and began to feel at home. I then came across some challenges which I am looking forward to joining in next month. In the meantime certain hadhtags appeared which gave me food for thought. I decided to take part, I had nothing to lose.  

The first made my heart sing! 'My week of more blues' I used my 7gypsies white tray and filled it with blue items, this was such fun. It made me see objects in a different light. The little blue spoon is a treasure and sits on display in my cabinet. I had not looked at it or handled it for quite a long time. 

The next was 'nod to notions' I Love the word 'notions' it is so quaint, but not as nice as 'haberdashery' I have a couple of Emma Bridgewater Blue Star tins that I keep my sewing notions in. I have had the Peter Rabbit tin for many years. I made the needle case when I was in my sewing phase but found it hurt my hands. It wasn't really for me. I far preferred working with paper. 

If anyone had told me that I would be praised for my photographs I would never have believed them. I used to really struggle with that side of things. However, now I have the inside of my Summerhouse painted white I enjoy taking photos in there. During the Winter I use my Conservatory. 

I stil love to make notebooks and decorate planners but I am also enjoying this new way of being creative. By styling and colour co-ordinating every day objects and treasures that can be found all around my Cottage. The possibilities are endless plus there is no right or wrong. Obviously only the very best photos appear on Instagram, the ones that I am really happy with.

Here is a little 'matchbox'  I made this week using my envelope punch board. It was great fun and very easy. It was just nice to try something new. It has been made with very pretty paper and will make a wonderful home for some enamel badges I came across today. Who knows they may even feature in a photo one day! 

So, here is an old favourite ~ my Lisa Stickley jug (holding matching straws) alongside a new aquisition ~ my letter rack from Block Design It will feature again next week when I make some new envelopes to display in it.

It all started when I decided to de-clutter my Cottage last January and came across some card clothes labels that I made into a tag album. I wonder what I shall be inspired by next time I have a clearout! 

Thanks so much for reading and please do come and join me on Instagram 

Best Wishes,

Jacqueline xxx

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