Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Make a Stationery Gift Set from 3 Sheets of Paper

Hello! A few weeks ago I went to the art shop and bought some single sheets of patterned paper. I Love being able to make up my own combinations.

Firstly I chose a sheet of scrapbook paper by Bo Bunny called Peacock Lane Tweet. It combines my two favourite colours of Turquoise and Purple and although not strictly Seaside Style I could not resist! 

I used this to make a cover for a pamphlet style notebook as it is quite sturdy. I did the stitching inside out so I could add some matching beads. 

Bo Bunny Peacock Lane Tweet Scrapbook paper used to make a notebook cover

Next I chose a sheet of Turquoise paper whose pattern reminded me of water, definitely Seaside shades! This had no name but matched perfectly with the Bo Bunny. It was a lot thinner and quite flimsy so not suitable for using on its own. 

So, I looked out a small notebook that I had made earlier and decided to make a wraparound cover for it. I measured the height and cut the paper accordingly. I then folded it in half and folded the ends and tucked them inside the cover. Next I added some lilac gingham ribbon which I tied loosely like a belt. I just love these lilac stamps and so I tucked them in the ribbon for the photo. I had great fun choosing the rest of the props for the photo. I am loving making up these compositions which I do for Instagram.

Turquoise wraparound cover for a handmade notebook. Fastened with lilac gingham ribbon.

My third choice was some lilac paper with white swirls. It fitted into the trio perfectly. In case you are wondering, 3 is my favourite number! It also works well on IG where the photos sit in 3s. I am trying to plan ahead so that I can have three matching photos side by side. Again this was fairly flimsy paper, so I decided to make another wraparound cover, this time for a small moleskine notebook which has a plain cover. The good thing is, this type of cover can be easily removed and exchanged for another. 

I used the same method but had to make two folds to accommodate the wider spine. I added Purple Chiffon and White Velvet Ribbon. Perfect for a Winter Makeover. These I attached inside the loose cover with washi tape so that it can be removed if necessary. I just Love how they all look together.

I still had some paper left, so I decided to make some envelopes, using my We 'r' Memory Keepers Envelope Punch board, and a matching mini card. I made two envelopes and then put one inside the other to make a lining. I made the card to fit and rounded the edges using my punch board. My Favourite tool!

An envelope and mini card all co-ordinating!

This has been such a fun project. I hope I have Inspired you and that you have enjoyed my photos.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, it makes it all worthwhile having you here.

Best Wishes,


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