Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Inspiring Others to Create - Part One - Sold!

Last Month I  decided to try a whole new Venture by selling craft packs, gift packs and kits. It means I still get to 'play' with all the various components, most importantly colour and pattern. I still feel I am creating something and I want it to be appealing to others. I want to Inspire People to try something new....I always think...if I can do this so can anybody!.....

I am lucky enough to have my Splendid new Summerhouse where I can take things to photograph them and this too, is great fun. I have made friends with my camera, it helps that the camera does all the work!....but I have also learned how to edit the photos!.....

So now I am bringing together all my past and present skills for this new project. I am delighted that the packs have already proved popular and I look forward to seeing what everyone makes with them! I have many ideas, some of which keep me awake at night, one of the problems with having a creative mind!.... I am Loving the fact that I now have the perfect excuse for buying even more Craft Supplies!

These were the first three to sell!

Surf's Up!.....Love the lil mini Surf Boards! Now Sold!

Ahoy There! Sold!

Thanks to all my Friends around the World who show their support and encouragement over on my Facebook page. Without them this, and many other Ventures, would never have happened!

Love and Best Wishes,

Jacqueline xxx

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