Monday, 27 January 2014

Supporting Our Brave Lifeboat Men and Women via RNLI

Hello! This year I have decided to donate a percentage of sales, from my Seaside Gifts, to the RNLI

I have admired them for many years, even when we lived in landlocked middle England. As a child, whenever we visited anywhere on the Coast, I would always pay a visit to the RNLI station to spend my pocket money. Some would go in the collection boat and some in the big tub that made your money go round and riound in a circle. I would also choose something to buy, usually a pen, pencil, rubber, notebook and a wee souvenir as a reminder of my visit, oh and at least one postcard. The other thing I always liked to do was to read the board to see when they had last been called out. I would imagine all the horrors of being lost at sea, waiting to be rescued.....

I have always Loved Buttons and wood and of course I Love hearts, I think I have written about all these things in previous blogs. So I decided to make some Button Hearts with a Coastal theme. A while back I bought an old typewriter, similar to one I had when we first got married. I had this Romantic Notion that I was going to learn to type so I could become a temp and work whatever hours I wanted!...this, of course, never materialised. I wonder why I never used to to write a book?....

I am not very good with computers, that is why I Love my iPad :) and I guess I am just an old fashioned, Romantic at Heart! I decided I would type some wee message to add to my Hearts. I Love the effect. They remind me of a wee fragment of a message, like a clue found in one of ,y Mystery novels by Enid Blyton or Agatha Christie!

My Favourite colour is Blue as you may know/have guessed, with Turquoise being the shade I Love most. I have noticed over the last month a lot of orange appearing in magazines and other media, so I decided to put some Zing into Spring, well at least, to cheer up a dull January! I purchased some Orange Ribbon and some Yellow and Orange Buttons from my Favourite website Pretty Fabrics and Trims

I knew I had chosen well when I saw this magazine for sale whilst I was in Edinburgh!

Here is what I made....

A Gorgeous, Bold & Bright Necklace......

A matching Bracelet.....

And of course a Heart.....

I am pleased with the results and Hope you Love them too.
I decided to sell them on ebay as you can do selling for charity on there. You can choose your charity, what percentage you would like to donate and then paypal collects the money and donates it for you. You can do it the same, or differently for each item. The charity appears on the listing so everyone knows what you are doing :) 

If you would like to take a look you can find my items for sale here..... Blue Anchor Bay on ebay

You can also find me on Facebook here.... Blue Anchor Bay on Facebook

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, 

Love and Best Wishes, 




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