Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Inspiring Others to Create - Part Two - New Range

When I started this new Venture last month I had no idea how popular it was to be! I am having great fun with it. This month I purchased some new supplies and started putting together some new style packs. I have also made up a couple of 'make your own' Gift Card Kits. 

All my Packs, Kits & Bundles have been Inspired by the Colours of the Seaside. They are designed to be used together or apart, it is up to you!... They mostly contain a mixture of Fabric, Paper, Ribbons & Buttons. They are Perfect for Beginners who do not want to buy large quantities and for people who do not know where to start. They are ideal for small projects such as Cards, Scrapbooks, Journals or sewing small Hearts etc. also for Children under Supervision. They could also be used as Holiday or Rainy Day projects. 

I try to put them all together in a Bag, either A4 or A5 size. Here are a few examples.

My Packaging! What will be in yours?

Gift Card Kits

An example

Even Floral, for a change! I call this Seaside Garden

Many thanks, Jacqueline xxx

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