Friday, 15 February 2013

Handmade Paper - Hearts

Today I made something I have been meaning to try for ages....."natural progression" I call it!....I made my own paper....hearts!....and so far I am delighted with the results :)

I have been reading some blogs and tutorials and looking through Pinterest until I found one that was simple enough for me to try without having to buy anything. I ended up using ideas from several.

First I gathered my equipment:-

  • Pasta Drainer 
  • Hand blender, electric
  • Glass Jug
  • Bowl of shredded paper, mostly white, from shredder
  • 2 small bowls of turquoise and purple tissue paper, hand shredded
  • Small amount of dried lavender
  • Heart shaped Biscuit Cutter
  • Paper Towels
  • Baking Paper
  • Cardboard

I took it all through to the Laundry Room where it would not matter if I made a mess!


First I mixed equal amounts of white and coloured paper in two bowls
Next I covered the paper with warm water and left it to soak


I kept checking and stirring
Then I started to pull it into smaller pieces
After a while I used the electric hand blender to make pulp in each bowl

Now I had to remove some of the water, I did this by tipping the bowl and just using my hand to hold the pulp in the bowl and let the water drain out. I did this over the pasta drainer so I would not lose any pulp. It quickly got to the point where I could gather the pulp up and squeeze water out.

I laid the biscuit cutter on to a piece of baking paper and put the semi dry pulp inside it, then pressed down until it was even. I carefully removed the cutter and placed a piece of card on top of the heart shaped pulp and flipped it over.

I mixed some dried lavender into the purple pulp and repeated using the cutter. I then put them both in the Sunny Conservatory to dry. I shall move them somewhere warm later. The whole process only took a couple of hours and I was thrilled at each step. The end result looks Fab, I just have to wait and see if they dry ok and don't crack!....I shall let you know next week!...

Now that I know the process works I have ordered a paper making kit, an ice cube tray and some books so I can experiment further!....I want to make seed bombs and pellets and of course some sheets of paper. I am looking forward to trying different colours, well shades of blue!....and textures, so watch out for part two.....coming soon!....

Best Wishes and thanks for your interest!.....Jacqueline xxx

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