Monday, 4 February 2013

I Love Hearts

I cannot remember when my Love for Hearts began....

In Edinburgh on the Royal Mile is the Heart of Midlothian. It is a mosaic, on the ground, made from granite setts, it marks the spot of an old prison and was a place of public execution. It was the centre of administration.

I have several heart shaped pieces of jewellery, my Husband bought me a pair of platinum heart shaped earrings not long after we met and a silver heart shaped charm on a chain, locally made, to wear at our Son's wedding. I also have a Luckenbooth brooch. A Scottish Love token. A luckenbooth was a locked stall, again, on the Royal Mile where these brooches were sold in the 15th Century. They are made of silver and feature one or two hearts entwined with a crown on top, sometimes set with stones. One legend tells that it was given to Mary Queen of Scots by Lord Darnley, and as a Romantic I like to believe this....

Over the last year or so of creating I have made some lavender hearts. If you look back through this blog you will see that hearts appeared on the blanket I knitted. Then, last week I set myself a crochet a heart. I was first of all inspired to do so thanks to a lovely young lady called Meredith that I came across on her blog

One Sheepish Girl

I tried out the crochet edging on a cardboard heart but then I wanted to try and crochet a heart. I bought a couple of patterns from Etsy one I could not manage, although my Niece did!....the other was from The Yarn Chick and I enjoyed making this one. I then adapted the pattern by adding a couple of rows of treble stitch and altering the sizes and finally made three little heart hangers which I was delighted with!.....

Yesterday I made some new envelopes and although they do not feature hearts, I wonder why not I asked myself.......they do look lovely displayed in the letter rack that does!.....

One of my Favourite Facebook pages Funky Rascals, Lara, asked me to do an interview for her blog, in return I want to share her page with you, she makes Fabulous stationery with hearts. There is a photo of one of her labels below.

Funky Rascals

Many thanks for reading now here are the photos!......


  1. All so pretty! I'd heard of a Luckenbooth, but didn't know what it might be - so thanks for the bit of education on a Tuesday morning!
    Love that "Heart of Midlothian" pavement. How wonderful.

  2. Haha!'re welcome Lizzie, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I love that heart on the pavement wish I could draw or paint it would make a Fab subject, or even a collage :) xxx