Saturday, 11 July 2015

Surf Girl Bracelets

About 25 years ago I decided to make some earrings. I had great fun and they were very popular with friends and family. Five years ago I sold all my remaining beads to a couple of friends who wanted to try making jewellery themselves. I kept all my tools as I thought they may come in handy again one day.  I am so pleased I did because I came across some bead bracelets on Pinterest  which inspired me. 

I bought some sea blue and green beads and memory wire. I already had the cotton and hemp cord and the elastic came with the beads. The theme for these bracelets was Summer Fun. Something to wear on the beach, out shopping or in the evening, when on your Summer Holiday. The lil hemp wish bracelets are perfect for festivals. I shall give them to my daughter and she can share them with her friends. 

This is the first one I made. I could not believe how simple and effective it was. Thanks to my skills in bending wire in the past I had no problems. 

I then made the sliding cord type which I had done before.

Finally came the elasticated one with the little charm. 

I then came across these little mini bead 'wish bracelets' it was so nice to have a challenge and learn new skills. I was surprised how eady they were to do! They certainly looked tricky. Of course watching videos on youtube is always helpful.

I was very pleased to sell 3 different types of bracelets and at the end of last month I donated over £20 to RNLI, my chosen charity on ebay for giving ⚓️ ⛵️ 🏄🏼  A huge thanks to everyone who bought something.

Best Wishes, 


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