Wednesday, 24 June 2015

From Treasure to Tag Albums

I am a big fan of Seasalt, Fat Face & White Stuff Clothing. They are comfortable, fashionable, hard wearing, washable and make me feel good when I wear them. I also Love the Tags that come with them. They are innovative, fun and little works of art. Some even come with buttons or friendship bracelets attatched. I always keep them as they are too nice to throw away. 

Some of you may remember that I did a huge de-clutter at the beginning of the year. I never got round to the drawer of my bedside cabinet where these lil Beauties were. I don't think I would have thrown them out, even then, but who knows!

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I Love it! I don't know how I ever managed without it. It is visual and gives me so much Inspiration. There are also lots of tutorials and videos. I have learned so much from it. Techiques become so easy when you know how!

It was on Pinterest that I came across Tag Albums, who knew these gorgeous lil things even existed? This was a perfect way to use my lil tags and be able to have them on display.


Now on display!

Whilst browsing on Pinterest I also came across Mini Albums. In the past I have made notebooks, here was something slightly different I could not wait to try. First I needed some new paper or card. Off I went browsing and finally found what I had been looking for. A range called Rock Pool by Kaisercraft. I have always Loved Brown (apart from when it was the colour of my school uniform at Senior school!) i especially Love Brown with Blues and Turquouse.

I cut out some tags, I was really pleased with them, especially the rounded corners. I then simply added the ring binder ring and voila. I guess this is still a tag album.

I then made a second one

I had been spending some time studying the photos on Pinterest too. When I came across ones that I had uploaded they always looked flat. So I started experimenting and taking them from different angles to get more depth. I only use an old iphone as I like instant results. I have linked it to my ipad aand they appear on there too. So I adjust the light levels and crop if necessary. I was now quite pleased with my results and decided to give Instagram another go. 

I had bought a copy of the Mollie Makes guide to blogging, in an attempt to improve my blog. As you can see I have not done that yet! However there was a section about Instagram on there. I had never really understood how it worked. I did not realise you could follow people on there. I thought you had to be friends. So I started following people that shared my interests in the Sea and gardens. I had also decided to list these lil tag albums on Folksy. When you upload a photo you can tag people to bring the photo to their attention. Folksy were asking what people had on their work table so I showed a photo of my tag album in progress. They actually 'liked' it. I was so pleased! Then, when I uploaded the photo on to Folksy to sell the item they chose it and put it in their 'Favourite Finds' I had a message from a Friend who told me she had seen it on the Front Page! I was thrilled!

To me, this was recognition that my work was highly rated. I could not have been happier. All my hard work had paid off. The funny thing is I had almost given up on the whole idea of making and selling. For me it is not about the money. I am not a business woman, I am not driven by riches. I just Love to create, the problem is I cannot possibly keep everything I make. Plus, if someone wants to own something I make then that is a bonus, again a recognition that my work is Loved. That is a very special feeling. 

The other thing is, I am not young, I am in my Fifties! But all this keeps me feeling young! I Love to try and keep up with modern technology and the younger generation. My Daughter-in-Law, 'The Crafty Calf' runs a very successful online business and I am very grateful to her, not only for creating my logo, but for helping me when I get stuck!

 I have already started on a new project making Seaside Inspired bracelets. I am looking forward to my Daughter coming home next month so she can model them for me and I can take her on some Seaside photo shoots! I shall also be using her for some Market Research.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog. I always seem to write them retrospectively and use them as a means of cataloguing what I have made. Almost like a Diary. Maybe I should change that. Will need to think about it some more!

You can find me here

The tag and mini albums are for sale here

Jacqueline xxx

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