Monday, 2 February 2015

I Love to Create

I have been thinking about the word 'create' for a while now. The most significant thing I have come to realise is, there does not always have to be an end product. Also, some projects take a long time to complete and some, like gardening, are ongoing. 

After finally making the decision that I wanted to spend more time creating things for myself and my home, I had to re-think how I was going to use my time. Since October I have reduced my working hours, at The Garden Centre, from three to just two days, this means I now have five days a week at home. Before this my days were filled, not only with making things, but hours were spent taking photos, writing descriptions and listing online. There was the joyful moment when something sold but that was followed by having to pack the item and then there was the trip to the Post Office.

Of course, November and December were taken up with preparations for Christmas and New Year, then came January. I began to wonder how on Earth I was going to fill my time, at least for the next three months before I could get back outside to my Garden. That was when I decided that, having lived in the Cottage for almost five years, it was time for a major clearout! I had no idea it would take the whole month!....but now it is done I feel a great sense of achievement. I have de-cluttered and re-organised and am now the proud owner of a brand new Craft Cupboard. You can read about this in the previous blog.

I realised I had actually Created order out of Chaos and that there were many ways I could Create. During November and December I had knitted 3 cushion covers and was delighted with how they turned out.

However,  in the New Year,  I just could not decide what to make next. So I spent lots of time reading through all my craft books

and browsing on Pinterest. I found a project that I had been meaning to try, making a garland from Fabric Strips, something quick & easy. I sorted through my fabric stash and found some gorgeous co-ordinating Turquoise Fabrics and some twine and here is what I made


Chatting with other Creative Friends it seems we all go through periods of time when we lose our Mojo.  I find the best way to deal with this is to create something completely different or try something new. Maybe clear a small table or shelf and make a fresh display. Something in keeping with the season or with a colour theme.  If you enjoy working with colour, how about creating a moodboard. Even a small posy of flowers. Some people enjoy cooking, what could be better than creating a delicious meal, a bowl of soup or even a loaf of bread. 

Sit back and relax with your books or magazines.....I call it research :) or just enjoy the act of creating without worrying too much about the end result or how long it will take. Often one idea will lead to another, I have already found two new ideas today, one from a Magazine and one from Facebook......

Thanks for Reading, I hope I have given you Food for Thought!

Love & Best Wishes, Jacqueline xxx

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What's in my Cupboard?..... Emma Bridgewater mug, tins & mini suitcases. Cath Kidston Books and kits. Jamie Oliver jar. 


  1. What beautiful colours
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Julie :) as you know, they are my Favourite xxx

  3. Loving your knitted cushions Jacqueline - visiting your blog after seeing you on Facebook xxx Kathryn (Crafternoon Treats) :)

  4. Thanks so much, Kathryn! kind :) xxx