Saturday, 31 January 2015

My New Craft Cupboard

I don't remember how I came to the decision but I just knew it was time! We will have been here for five years in July!....I cannot believe how the time has flown. We are still Loving our Cottage and we have not tired of the views....

However, we had reached the point where every drawer, cupboard and wardrobe was tightly packed, there was not one centimetre of space, anywhere!....So, I decided the time had come for a Major Clearout. Five years worth of Clothes, shoes, boots and handbags. I had 3 different sizes in my wardrobe and only ever wore a handful of items. I still had a sheet that we were given as a wedding present 33 years ago!!!....

We have a large floor to ceiling Linen Closet/Press n the Laundry Room. I had already taken over half of it with craft items so now was the time to take over the whole. It meant finding a home for the small hoover, slow cooker and various bottles of alcohol. After removing  numerous boxes of Boots, several handbags and about 3ft wide space of coats, I found room for them in the hall cupboard.

Stage 1 Everything  Moved In

The problem was, the shelves in my new craft cupboard were sagging under the weight of items and even here things had been shoved in. Trying to remove one box without creating a domino effect was nigh on impossible!..So, where to look for Inspiration but good old Pinterest! I was amazed by all the wonderful photos of perfect craft rooms and organised Closets. I was even more amazed by how simple the solution was! By using 40cm wide bookcases instead of 80 cms I could fit two in and have twelve little 'cubby holes' each one would hold boxes, books and bags of fabric. I already had lots of storage boxes and mini suitcases. I then saw a marvellous idea for putting a cd bookcase in the middle and using it to display, pens, ribbons tnread etc in glass jars. I was on cloud 9

Stage 2 Everything Sorted into Categories

The Bookcases came in white which meant I did not even have to paint them, or the walls & ceiling, everything would be fresh. I was going to use Billy Bookcases from Ikea for thrift. I measured the cupboard space and noted the sizes, it was going to be a tight squeeze! night I even had to get out of bed to check the measurements, I had forgotten about the skirting board. Hubby said tnis was not a problem as they could be easily removed along with the old shelves.

I was so excited, I could not wait to start clearing out and organising all my craft supplies. I had to wait a week to visit Ikea, but I did not mind. In the end I could not go due to the snow but Hubby went instead as it is near where he works.

It did not take long at all to put them together and there was only a few minutes when we thought they would not fit!.....I am absolutely thrilled with how it looks, and had great fun putting everything back. I was left with a bag of packaging and some items that I had made which would not fit. However, as they are not craft supplies I decided to find a new home for them. Luckily, I had cleared out all the wardrobes in the house by this time and had plenty room for them elsewhere.

It is now the end of January and I have cleared out about 95% of the Cottage. I have had enough, it is time to close that chapter and move forward. I am Loving all the Space and my new Craft Cupboard, I hope you do to :) xxx


  1. Loving the space you created Jaqueline. I need to do this too. Xx