Monday, 14 October 2013

The Corner Shop Collection

When I was a child The Corner Shop was where you went to buy everyday items such as bread and milk. When I saw the name of the new Tilda Paper I was puzzled, what could they mean?....However,  I was to be pleasantly surprised!...the 3 Corner Shops comprise of:-  a Toy Shop, a Cake Shop and a Florist Shop.

I started off by making some A5 Notebooks and so far I have made one A5 Journal. I shall be adding more books to the collection. 

The Toy Shop

The Florist

The Cake Shop

A5 Journal The Toy Shop

I Love the muted pastel colours as well as the subject matter. Tilda Papers are always a pleasure to work with. The covers are made from Tilda Paper 230gsm and are partly decorated by me. The interior contains plain white 100gsm paper. They are all handstitched by me. 

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