Sunday, 28 July 2013

Autumn Approaches and brings forth changes

  Autumn Approaches.....

What a Fabulous Summer we are having! Scorching Weather and long Sunny Days. I had a Wonderful Holiday in Cornwall with my many Happy Memories and so many Beautiful places we visited. 

Hubby and I have spent many hours working in the Garden and it is looking Gorgeous. I am delighted with how the Summerhouse turned out and so pleased we decided to keep it! 

My Son, DIL and lil Granddaughter came to visit and we had lots of fun catching up and watching lil Holly grow and learn new things each day. 

The highlight for Blue Anchor Bay was thanks to Abigail at Random Remnants on the IOW. She agreed to sell my Seaside Stationery and lil Bracelets in her shop in Ventnor!.....this really was a Dream come true! sell in a Seaside Shop!

As Autumn approaches it is about to bring about some major Daughter will be starting Uni in September. She is giving up her Winter Ski Seasons in the Alps to study to become a Sports Therapist, something she has wanted to do for a while. She will also be leaving her boyfriend and his dog behind in Cornwall as she moves to the Midlands.... 

Hubby will be working on the East Coast 3 or 4 days a week, we live on the West Coast!...However, we have rented a Cottage over there and I shall visit as often as possible, I am looking forward to exploring the Coast I visited as a Child and meeting some new Friends. Luckily my Daughter will be living near my Son and his Family so I shall be able to visit them all together.

Major changes are bringing new opportunities for all of us and New Adventures and places to Explore. There will be a period of adjustment and I guess a few tears will be shed all round.....Hopefully everyone will settle in to their new homes and routines and that we all have fun visiting each other and sharing our experiences.

Apart from exploring more of our Beautiful Scottish Coastline, I am looking forward to spending time Designing & Creating and trying out new ideas. I want to try out some drawing techniques and experiment with paints and other media.... I have a Fabulous project for the Autumn /Winter which uses all the skills I have learned so far. I am planning to Design & Create a Photo/Family album for my Granddaughter from scratch!...I will choose all the special papers for the cover and pages and bind it together. I shall draw a Family tree and write a little bit about each Family member using a photo for each of them. 

So, as one chapter comes to an end we look back on the others with fondness, we will continue to enjoy the Summer, even if we have a week of rain,  and we will try and make the transition to our new lives as smooth and pleasant as possible, in small steps.......Good Luck Everyone xxx

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