Friday, 7 December 2012

Where the Seaside meets the Countryside

'Blue Anchor Bay - where the Seaside meets the Countryside'

This is to be my ethos for my Facebook Page this year, I have made a temporary new logo which reflects my love of both. My colour pallette will be Blues, Sea Greens, Purples and Lilacs with a touch of pink.....

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Before we moved up here two and a half years ago I had a vision of what my Lifestyle would be, working in my garden, walks on the beach and travelling the Countryside.....I have been lucky enough to fulfill this and I have a job three days a week working in a family run Garden Centre which not only gives me access to beautiful plants and flowers but also to a wealth of knowledge and colleaugues that I enjoy working with. Working three days a week enables me to spend the rest of my time as I wish....hubby works shifts so when we are both off together we make the most of this time, usually by going out somewhere.

This has been an amazing year for me, my family and Blue Anchor Bay. Back in January Hubby and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary, in May my Son got married, we then had the exciting news that we were to be Grandparents. In September I had the most amazing holiday when I visited my Daughter in Cornwall and this year we have the added bonus of a Family Christmas, this is a very rare occurrence, sadly my Daughter will be working out in France but she is with her Boyfriend and as he is a Chef and they get to go ski-ing every day I am sure she will be fine!...

This time last year I had no idea how successful Blue Anchor Bay would be. I have been lucky enough to have my cards for sale on Not on the High St and I was invited to have a stall at the prestigious Lady Magpie and me Fete. From there things blossomed and grew, I got to meet new people in the craft world and the media...a photo of my stall appeared on the blog for Pretty Nostalgic Magazine. I attended two Fairs at Shambellie Walled Garden which is one of my Favourite local places. I then joined The Travelling Souk where one of my Notebooks was showcased as a 'Gift for Her'

Now I am looking Forward to a New Year, I have a clear vision of what I want to do and how I want to spend my time. I have new ideas for things to make and hope to learn new skills. One big decision I made was that I wanted to sell online rather than at Craft Fairs, with the exception of Shambellie Walled Garden. I want to spend more time working in my garden, walking on the beach and travelling around Scotland.....I am still hoping to visit Port Patrick and some friends who live there! I will of course want to spend time with my new Grandchild when she arrives!.....

So, I shall be returning to grass roots, my blog and my page will become a reflection of my Lifestyle, I shall of course continue to make and sell my Stationery, Lavender Hearts and Fishes and Button Necklaces for as long as people continue to buy them, there will however be more balance to my life and I hope to establish an equilibrium. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog here and on my page and share in my everyday life at Oakwood Cottage in the Countryside, on the SW Coast of Scotland......where the Seaside meets the

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