Friday, 24 February 2012

Seaside Memories

I was born in Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland. To me it was always the most perfect place to live, it had everything including the seaside. At the age of 8 we moved away for the second time, I was devastated, I cried for years, I missed it so much. Until we moved back up to Scotland 2 years ago I still cried every time I left Edinburgh, I always worried i would never see it again.

Me at Pevensey Bay with my cousins and Grandmother

I lived in Warwickshire for ten years before leaving home to move to London to train at Great Ormond St Hospital. I tried to get into 'The Sick Kids' in Edinburgh but the waiting list was too long. I remember catching the train down to Brighton when I was on Night Duty to sleep on the beach then shop before catching the train back in time for Nights again.

When we married we moved to Middlesex which was just over an hour from the sea  and later in Northants we were two hours away, however we were moving further North!  During this time we had many happy seaside holidays with the children and I grew to love the South Coast of England. I always had to have reminders of the sea in my home and over the years I have collected many items and bought many things which reflect my love of the sea. (that will be my next blog :)

My kids at Blue Anchor Bay in Somerset!

I now live on the South West Coast of Scotland only ten miles from the sea (you can read how that came about in my first blog 'New Beginnings') and I still buy items showing my love for the sea. However, now I also make things for other seaside Lover's to enjoy in their homes, lovingly Handmade and often Hand Sewn here in my Native and Beloved Scotland.


  1. Another wonderful blog post Jacqueline! You have had a life full of adventures by the sound of it. :) I have only ever lived in Fife, have hardly ever travelled much, only been to England once and it was barely over the border. A few holidays abroad in my younger years but not much else. These days, when we have the money, we choose a part of Scotland to stay in for a week and we choose a cottage that is near the sea most times. We too love the sea. Me especially! There is just such a pull for me, I love walking on the beach. When we go out for a day we usually end up at a beach and our favourite thing to do is to search the sand for tiny bits of blue sea glass. Such a simple thing but we have lots of fun looking for it. :)

  2. Aw thanks for sharing your story, funny what we get used to isn't it? I have lost count of the places I have lived in, hopefully this will now be our forever home. Did you actually find any blue sea glass Sharon? I have always wanted to but never have!

  3. Hi Jacqueline, we find blue glass nearly every time we look. It is usually very tiny bits but it is there! We find it in Fife beaches often and have found it up north on various beaches too. :)

  4. I envy you living so close to the seaside ( in my mind that's what it's always called :) ) We spent every year as children on the south coast in a beautiful Cornish village called Coverack and both my sister and myself have taken our respective partners back there as adults, because all we remember is being happy there x I work at a childre'ns hospital too! How spooky is that, fab blog loved reading it, looking forward to more Sam x

  5. Thanks Sam I never managed to get as far as Cornwal, sadly. I love that you took your partners there, so Romantic. Funny how we use different words and expressions, I always think of The Seaside as somewhere sandy that you can build sandcastles, a childhood place, a Romantic word. I think because our nearest beaches are pretty rugged and used as Nature reserves, I would not class them as the seaside, do you know what I mean? I can't wait to explore further round the coast, there is a sandy beach somewhere further round that we took the kids to when they were small and that is definitely The Seaside! Yes that is spooky Sam! xxx